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GlobeQuake / Thomas Nelson Publishing
July 7, 2012
ISBN: 9781595555014
272 pages / paperback / $16.99

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About GlobeQuake

Wallace Henley's latest book, Globequake, presents a compelling argument that what we are experiencing is truly nothing more than an invitation to renew our faith and anchor ourselves in Christ. It is a persistent call for us to change our viewpoint, choosing to see the rapidly changing world from the spiritual perspective of trust in God’s unchanging Kingdom, rather than from a perspective of an earthly realm influenced by every prevailing wind.

As Henley writes in the book's introduction, his one hope is that the reader will "see that the end of the journey for the person anchored to Him (Christ) is the realization and consummation of hope – no matter how hard the shaking along the route."

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